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“To me, glassblowing means self-realization and constant challenge. Glass is a material that always lends itself into something new, and the glassblower’s ‘education’ is never truly finished. It feels especially rewarding to have exceeded oneself when working with glass. I enjoy the atmosphere and heat of the hot shop. I am a former dance enthusiast and perhaps for that reason, I experience a sense of success when everything in the working group proceeds smoothly as though following the choreography. Every member of the working group knows his or her role, knows the steps towards the complete performance. Rhythm is an essential part of glassblowing, as glass neither waits nor gives in.

I get my inspiration from my childhood toys, circus art, and sometimes satellite images of space.”


Pruukinraitti, 31160 Nuutajärvi, Finland

+358 440 111 501

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