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Photo Janika Karttunen

Jenni Sorsa (born 1980) is a glass artist and master glassblower living and working in Nuutajärvi Glass Village in Finland. She did her BA degree in glass art and design in 2007 and continued her education by completing five different glassblowing degrees in Sweden and Finland. She has worked for several well-known glassmakers over the years and her extensive knowledge of the field has led her to different projects and consultant assignments.

In her art she deals with her own femininity at different stages of life. Jenni's expression is characterized by colorful and round shapes, as well as striped filigree glass. She wants to challenge herself with demanding glassblowing techniques. Jenni has sought inspiration for her recent works from childhood toys, the circus and imaginery fairytales. Jenni Sorsa Glass was established in 2014.


“To me, glassblowing means self-realization and constant challenge. Glass is a material that always lends itself into something new, and the glassblower’s ‘education’ is never truly finished. It feels especially rewarding to have exceeded oneself when working with glass. I enjoy the atmosphere and heat of the hot shop. I am a former dance enthusiast and perhaps for that reason, I experience a sense of success when everything in the working group proceeds smoothly as though following the choreography. Every member of the working group knows his or her role, knows the steps towards the complete performance. Rhythm is an essential part of glassblowing, as glass neither waits nor gives in.”

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